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Childhood Trauma Self-assessment Quiz

Childhood trauma shows up in many ways, and these 20 statements touch on several common areas of difficulty. For each prompt, please select either “never,” “sometimes,” or “often.” The quiz is scored this way: “never” = 0 points, “sometimes” = 1 point, “often” = 2 points. After you complete the quiz, your score will be totaled automatically, and you will see your answers and your total score. Your answers will not be saved, but you can take a screenshot if you’d like. If you want to fill out a PDF copy of the quiz, you can download one from my resources page at no cost.

If you want to fill out a PDF copy of the quiz, you can download it at no cost.  


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Webinar: What Happens in Childhood Trauma Work?

Image by Katerina May

There’s a lot of information about childhood trauma out there, but what does engaging this healing work actually look like?

In this webinar, I will provide an overview of childhood trauma work in the Relationship Recovery Process (RRP) with live Q&A.

Presented via Zoom

Saturday, June 8, from 12:00-1:00 pm Eastern

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