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I work with adults, and I’m accepting new clients for childhood-trauma therapy in individual (1:1), couples, and group sessions. Currently, I’m not accepting new clients for life coaching.


I use the Relationship Recovery Process (RRP). Learn about RRP.


All sessions are held remotely by video, and currently I’m only accepting clients who are residents of Massachusetts, Vermont, and Florida.

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1:1 Individual Therapy Sessions

Typically, clients begin with weekly or biweekly (every other week) individual 50-minute sessions to establish a comfortable healing alliance with me and receive help learning and practicing therapeutic skills. 


Group Sessions

Participating in a group is powerful for healing childhood trauma, and I encourage my clients to consider participating in one. Group sessions are 90 minutes and occur weekly (with some breaks). I get that childhood-trauma survivors can feel anxious about group therapy, considering our first group experiences were with our dysfunctional families. When forming groups, I’m careful to select people I’m confident will be safe for the group. Once a group is formed, we don’t add any new members since being with the same people over time increases safety and trust. I’m happy to work individually with clients while they decide if trying out group therapy feels right for them. Learn more about RRP groups.

I offer a 6-month group and a long-term group, and most clients start with the 6-month group. Learn about the 6-month group.

To receive the greatest benefit from participating in healing groups, I recommend that group members receive individual therapy that complements what we do in group. The individual sessions could be with me or someone else.

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Holding Hands

Couples Therapy Sessions

I also work with couples, both in couples sessions and in groups for couples. To be a good fit for RRP therapy as a couple, both partners need to be committed to making inner-child healing the focus of the work. Specifically, that means the partners are working in another context with an RRP therapist besides the couples sessions, either in individual sessions, in separate groups, or in a couples group. 


Are we a good fit?




Individual sessions:

$150 per 50-minute session 

Couples sessions:

$175 per 50-minute session


Group sessions:

$75 per 90-minute session



Although I’m not in any insurance network, upon request I provide paid invoices that can be presented to insurers for reimbursement, which depends on your insurance plan.

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