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  • If I’m interested in therapy with you, what do I do?
    Complete and submit the intake form Here
  • Is therapy offered in person or virtually?
    I conduct all sessions remotely by video.
  • Where can clients be located to see you for therapy?
    Currently, clients for therapy must be residents of Massachusetts or Vermont.
  • How frequently do healing groups meet, and how long are sessions?
    I hold group sessions weekly for 90 minutes, with some scheduled breaks.
  • How frequently do clients meet with you for individual therapy sessions, and how long are sessions?
    Clients who see me for individual sessions most often do so weekly or biweekly (every two weeks), but frequency can vary depending on their need; individual sessions are 50 minutes.
  • Do you accept insurance for therapy?
    Although I’m not in any insurance network, upon request I provide paid invoices that can be presented to insurers for reimbursement, which depends on the person's insurance plan.
  • What is the Relationship Recovery Process (RRP)?
    RRP is a healing model designed to help childhood-trauma survivors relate to themselves and others in healthier ways. Learn more here.
  • Are you taking new clients for life coaching?
    I’m not currently taking new clients for life coaching.
  • If I’m not sure I have childhood trauma, what can I do to figure this out?
    If you resonate with descriptions of childhood trauma offered here and in other trustworthy sources, the best way to explore the question is with myself or another behavioral health professional. The self-assessment tool I offer can help you consider whether the question deserves further exploration.
  • What happens to my intake form after I submit it?
    The form is protected with HIPAA-compliant encryption, and I am the only person who will see it.
  • Do people who participate in groups also attend individual sessions?
    To receive the greatest benefit from participating in healing groups, I recommend that group participants also receive individual therapy that complements what we do in group. The individual sessions could be with me or someone else.
  • Can people do only individual sessions?
    The RRP model is most effective when clients have individual sessions and also participate in a group. However, clients can make significant progress working with me individually for a time, either because they are waiting for a group to be available or they feel uncomfortable with the idea of joining a group.
  • Can I reach out to you for referrals if I don’t live in Massachusetts, Vermont or Florida?
    While I am unable to offer referrals, people can check out @rrptherapists on Instagram for a listing that identifies RRP therapists and the locations where they see clients.
  • Can I reach out to you for advice?
    Unfortunately, I am not able to offer advice unless the person is my client.
  • Can I reach out to you with questions about how therapy works?
    I try to anticipate most such questions in the content I post on this website. I also offer a webinar about the therapy periodically, and people can purchase a video of that webinar ($10) on my resources page. You can also check out my Instagram @c.frechette.therapy. Unfortunately, I’m not able to respond directly to questions from prospective clients about how therapy works unless I begin a consultation process after receiving their intake forms.
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